Real Estate 101

Welcome to Real Estate 101: Your crash course on what real estate is and how it works in Northwest Arkansas.


Real estate transactions are a complex web of ownership rights, agency relationships, mortgages, laws & more.

However, most real estate consumers think of buying or selling a home in terms of square feet, granite counters and farmhouse sinks. 

While learning the ins and outs of real estate might not be as fun as picking out tile, it is fundamental to ensuring your transaction is smooth and successful. 

In real estate, what you don’t know can hurt you.

So, take a moment to digest this material and spare yourself some of the common frustrations, financial losses and embarrassing etiquette faux pas experienced by novice homebuyers and sellers.

  • What is Real Estate?
  • Real vs. Personal Property
  • Determining Property Value
  • The Real Estate Market
  • Types of Real Estate and Zoning
  • Property Lines and Surveys
  • Ways to Own Property in Arkansas
  • Title vs. Deed
  • Title & Title Insurance
  • Your Rights as a Property Owner
  • Restrictions to Your Ownership Rights
  • How is Property Ownership Transferred?
  • What is a Real Estate Agent?
  • What is a Broker?
  • What is an Agency Relationship?
  • Types of Agency
  • Industry Etiquette Rules
  • Fees and Commissions
  • REALTOR & Consumer Safety
  • All About Mortgages
  • The Lending Process
  • Closing Costs
  • Property Taxes & Assessments
  • Fair Housing and Lending Laws
  • Governing Bodies
  • File a Complaint
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